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We are making the highest quality 4K HD available for everyone. With Concord Digital, we can shoot, edit and finalize any video and film project. We also offer audio and voiceover services and collaborate with some of the most experienced voice talent and composers in the industry. Whether it is a 10 second animation for a commercial or a 30 minute for a TV pilot , we can develop and create fully animated projects in 3D, 2D, Stop-motion or Flash . We are also capable of producing any component that you require within the animation process such as concept schematics, models, animation cycles, effects, lighting, texturing and rendering. The design process, at its best, integrates the aspirations of art, science and culture. At Concord Digital, we believe that design in the absence of content is not design but decoration. Our talented team of designers can produce work for many different fields and applications using years of knowledge, experience ,state of the art technology and tools. We strive to create purpose driven work that goes beyond its intended function. After all, everything is designed but few things are designed well. From the books we read with our children to the user's manual of an heart defibrillator that can save lives, illustrations are all around us. Concord Digital creative team is made out of some of the most talented and versatile industry leading illustrators. Whether you need a fully illustrated children's book or an update to your "in-flight safety manual" for your airline, we are here to for you. Even the best idea is nothing but a thought unless it is realized. Concord Digital was founded to create a World Class team of talented artists and engineers to help you turn your ideas into reality. From inception and concept to prototyping and packaging, we can help you with every step of the production chain. From a single logo design to a fully animated 3D film with merchandising and websites, no idea is too small or too big to produce. Selling products and providing services can be a very difficult without visual aids. Unique photography is the key to standing out and showing customers that you're serious about how your company looks. With years of experience, our professional photographers can assist you with any of your needs from product to event photography. ﷯ Newest addition to our product family! Concord Digital now offers turn-key solutions for software and application development projects. Combined with our past experiences in creating assets for interfaces and software packages we are proud to be a part of this multi-billion dollar industry. Your imagination is the limit for the game or application that you want to create with us. Sometimes all we need is guidance in the right direction. With companies already formed under the Concord Digital guidance from the ground up, we can supply you with one of the most important assets that you need for creating a strong foundation for your new company, experience and guidance. Concord Consulting team can work with you from the start to create everything from budget estimates to executive and management strategies. We can also help you with streamlining your production house and allow you to save money while increasing efficiency and productivity. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want the best out of your current creative department.
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